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The Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl - Weight Lifting Guide

What is the bicep curl?

The bicep curl is an isolation weight lifting exercise in which a dumbbell is lifted by bending the elbow upwards towards the shoulder.

This can also be performed using a bicep curl machine.

Which muscles does the bicep curl use?

The bicep curl is an isolation exercise which targets the bicep muscle in the front of the upper arm. The exercise also works the brachialis, which is a muscle situated beneath the bicep, assisting it at the elbow joint. The shoulder (deltoid) and upper chest (pectoralis major) work as fixator muscles, aiding the bicep curl with stability control.

The bicep curl is the simplest exercise to perform to increase bicep muscle and improve definition.

It is a good idea to combine the bicep curl with tricep extensions to balance the muscle development. This is important because muscles work in pairs and the opposite muscle to the bicep is the tricep. This means that to develop the bicep muscle and not exercise the tricep muscle would result in risk of injury with one side much weaker than the other. It will also look better aesthetically to have both sides of the upper arm equally developed.

bicep curl

Types of Bicep Curl

How to perform the Bicep Curl




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